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Overlooking the Obvious Blessings of God

Elden Chandler wrote:

Hi everyone. I have been thinking for some time of what I would share as this week's devotional, and I thought I would talk a little bit about paying attention to the sacrament. This summer after the sacrament ordinance had just finished, I realized that I had not paid any attention to the prayer or even my own actions of taking the sacrament. This mindless and carelessness alarmed me for I did not remember the prayer being said or taking of the emblems. How thoughtless I had been!

I decided right then that I would treat the sacrament with the attention that is deserved. Since then I try hard to pay close attention to the words of the prayer and I read the words multiple times and think about their meaning while the sacrament is being passed to the congregation.
There is an extension of our ward in an assisted living facility and we have a sacrament service there after our ward finishes our meetings. I have been helping there with the sacrament blessing and passing 1-2 times a month, so that gives me yet another opportunity to participate in the sacrament.

Four years ago, on the first Sunday of the month, our ward did not have bread for the sacrament ready. So, someone went home to get bread while we started the sharing of testimonies portion of the meeting first. The testimonies and sacrament seemed extra special that day.
Sometimes it takes a change of the circumstances for us to really pay close attention. Hopefully we will pay attention without being shocked awake, without us hurting ourselves or those we care about. I hope we all pay very close attention to that which need our close attention. This can include things such as preparing for and participating in the sacrament, our testimonies of the gospel, our loved ones, our studies, living, loving, playing, etc.

What are the things you need to pay close attention to?

And my response: If there is one thing that will be my downfall, it has to be apathy towards the things of God.  You remind me of my own weakness in taking God's blessing for granted, though I've never had too much problem with the sacrament.  I've always valued the words, thinking on how the Bread prayer is longer, and why certain words were omitted in the water.  Additionally why water is now used instead of wine, and how that affects the imagery (potentially) but in spite of that, how it is even more relevant to what is really going on with reminding us about the great drops of blood that fell like sweat or rain from Jesus when he was suffering for all of us in the garden of Gethsemane.  I think the imagery works better with water, but anyway those are my two cents.  I believe the power of what you were trying to share was the fact that we need to recognize when we are overlooking the obvious and simple truths of the gospel that God wants us to cherish, and that apathy towards those truths will be our own individual downfalls.  Thank you for pointing this out, because the best way to tell if I am NOT on the way to apostasy, is if I can recognize that there are things inside of me that need to change, and then do all I can to effect those changes.  Thanks for sharing this poignant message, as per the usual, it is very relevant to me.


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