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#1 2006-05-02 18:48:57

Poet's Thread

For all poems, of course!

?Mistress of the Seasons?

Glittering droplets of golden honey
Sweet falls the sap from the maple tree
Falling into her eyes of pulsing memory
Laced with ice, blue in hue,
The breath of winter fades to spring
Lilacs growing in her hair
Green slips up her lichen skin
Rough bark reaching towards the sun
Her angel wings of merlin blue
Sweep with the rosemary petals
In the wind filled with the scent of pine
Delicate fingers pressed against the heartwood
Beating with the thrum of spring
Casting into the world a melody
That foretells the blistering heat
To swarm the valleys and clench at drying pools
The cool breeze tells of coming storms
Before the chill of autumn brings red
Out from the earth and reverberates across
The landscape with orange and damson hues
Again the glittering droplets of golden honey
Will drip from maple trees
Whilst the Mistress of the Seasons
Will watch o?er thee.

Feel your presence filling up my lungs with oxygen
I take you in - Rebirthing Full, Skillet


#2 2006-06-22 13:58:39

Re: Poet's Thread

"Sleep Deprived"

Oh, my, sleep deprived?
Having a little trouble
With your brain fried?
Oh me, oh my,
The silliness has rocketed
Past the sky
You can laugh, you can joke
Just don't do it with that sandwich
Or you are going to choke
I think that guy at the auto
Parts truly thought
we needed a lot 'o
drugs to keep us sane
Slap them down, put them up
Shove them in a penguin hut
Knock them with a bat
Put on the Sorting Hat
I don't know what you do know
But they told us we better stow
Poor old us, so sleep deprived,
Oh look, is that a honey bee hive?
My shoes are on my head
My brain is really quite dead
Shall we have a graveyard ceremony
Or can I just ride that pony?
Sun is up, sun is down,
Let's just drive around the town
Until we fall all down.

Feel your presence filling up my lungs with oxygen
I take you in - Rebirthing Full, Skillet


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