Not All Who Wander Are Lost

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Taking Time to Focus on the Right Things

The fragility of mortal life is indisputable, and is only counter-balanced by the immutable supremacy of what is waiting for us after this test of life, everlasting and eternal life with our Father in Heaven, where we can learn and become all that he knows and is.  But despite this knowledge, I get caught up in the news of the day, this person was taken advantage of, that person's life was cut short due to the indiscriminate actions of another, these people were wrongly accused and persecuted for their beliefs, those young people were caught up in a cataclysmic weather event and were ushered out of mortality prematurely.  I thought of a recent general conference talk by Stephen Owen, where he shared with us his experience of losing track of the faith-building effort of scripture study, and instead was swept along at the whims of social media, emails and other things of this world.  His message is what I want to share,

"That morning I missed my scripture study, and consequently I didn't get the spiritual nourishment I was hoping for. ... Modern technologies bless us in many ways. ... However, they can also distract us from the most important connection: our connection with heaven."

The news of the day cannot nourish me, and in fact seems to do the exact opposite, so in an effort to seek after what can nourish me, perhaps I can update myself a little less on the news of the day, and spend just a bit more time on the things that matter most.

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