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#1 2006-11-28 23:51:29

It's Christmas time, it's Christmas time

Ah, the wonderful heavy snow warnings, the fresh pine, the hope that my car doors won't freeze....ah. The scent of holly berries and cinnamon and fresh pumpkin pie. And the Christmas music.

Now, I know it's not even December, but I have had the decency to wait to think about it until after Thanksgiving. Now it'll be mad dash for getting presents one week before Christmas because like most of the time, I don't always get into the spirit of Christmas until the day before possibly. A week if you're lucky.

I love how the town is dressed with iron snowflakes. I do enjoy the giving and all the really is fun. So perhaps this year, instead of ignoring everything or being too lazy to do much more than set up a tree, send out cards and do some random baking, I ought to do more this year. More giving. More helping of the needy...which we should do all year round anyway...

But it is time to be jolly, as they say. It is only a few more days until the pale shaded days of November fade and December rushes in. You all know how that goes. Crazy people, crazy shopping, and most of all, crazy drivers! And...more...crazy driving in Lost Wages. Which means I will never go down Las Vegas Blvd unless I have to. SIDE STREETS ARE FUN!

Okay, anyway. What do you plan on doing for Christmas this year? I believe I'll be snug at home, hopefully sipping some hot cocoa. I am also planning on a service project for the hospital, once I find mah tablet, it will be a lot easier to do. And hopefully, I'll be wearing cozy slippers, since this floor happens to be laminate. Echo-y laminate.

I plan to workout until I go nuts, lol, then totally be ready to pig out on Christmas day. tongue Since that's what's fun about Christmas regarding food...potatoes and Jell-o. Fruit Jell-o that wiggles and smells so good and...I'm thirsty. Thirst satisfied. Then there's the green beans and getting that stuff outta the turkey. I love fresh stuffing. That is the only time I like it. The rest of the time, especially after it's cold, I just think it tastes funky. Perhaps it's the whole soggy bread thing.

Anyone have to work on Christmas? I surely hope not!

At any rate...let the...feasting, insanity, and whatnot begin!

Feel your presence filling up my lungs with oxygen
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