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#1 2006-11-05 21:09:01


Jami is Sick

Got this in my email, lets keep her in our prayers.

Dear Everyone,

I'm really sorry I haven't been able to e-mail you guys. Lucinda's compie went ka-put and I didn't have a laptop for a couple days and my phone is still dead. However, I just got the charger, so now I'll be able to use my phone.

So, here's the news.

Things got bad. I was bed ridden for a few days again, and it looks like my spleen is larger than it should be, so they might end up taking it out. I am one step away from kemotherapy. My platelets, thank Father, have come back up today, so I am doing better. However, my LDH is up and that's not too good. They're giving me heavy dosages of steroids along with a lot of other medicines. O_o I have a catheter in my neck, and it's getting really irritated beause of the tape and it quite hurts but that's okay. If I don't improve tomorrow, then they will start kemotherapy. I will be in the hospital for another couple of weeks. (So, yes, Amy/Heather, I'll be here for my birthday! tongue So come visit if you do want to.) Thankfully the doctor said I could walk around today beause I'm a little healthier. However, I know the journey is far from over. Part of me is extremely stressed and uptight and worried and all those other things. @_@ The rest of me is just thankful to be alive.

I have had several blessings. The last one said I would recover, but that it would require patience and long-suffering. I know even after I get out of this hospital that I will be followed by a hematologyst for the next couple of months. I basically don't have an immune system but I am bound and determined to make it through somehow. Anyway, for those who are curious, my hospital addy is:

LDS Hospital
Room E822
8th Ave & C St
Salt Lake City, UT 84143

and the phone number is (801) 408-3822. You can also call my cell, which I think most of you have, but if you don't, just e-mail me and I'll give it to you.

Thank you all for your prayers. I'm sorry I'm jumping between positive and not. @_@ It's semi-insane. Okay, no, really, it IS insane but oh well. ^o^ I'm sorta la frazzled.

I know this is for my good...yes, indeed, it is. ^_^

I'll talk to you all later!



P.P.S. For those of you who don't know, I have a rare blood disease called TTP. ^_^ I've been in the hospital the past two weeks. Heh.


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