Circumvent Region Lockout on 360

Seems like Eternal Sonata has finally hit as a demo in Japan, just not here. Well, there is a way around that. Create a hotmail account with the information below from the country you want to be in, and then link it to a new profile in your 360. Don’t have time to do it right now though.

United States
Postal Code: 10012
State: New York, City New York City
Phone Number: 1-866-530-1234

Postal Code: 150-2345
Province: Tokyo-to
Phone Number: 3201-3331

Postal Code: 54292
City: Trier
Phone Number: 065112345


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One Response to Circumvent Region Lockout on 360

  1. Sera says:

    😛 Why not be in China?

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