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Once upon a time…

There was a guy with a phone who wanted to see if his website still worked like it should. So he installed an app that he left dormant on his phone for several months without doing anything with it at all. Then one day he got bored and decided to actually check on it, so he logged into his old website and created a random post for all to behold. So, behold!


How is it that I can spend so much of my time on the least important and possibly damaging actions, but seem to struggle to get the energy to do even the least but productive things?

So frustrating…

I’m so close to breaching the wall, and I turn away from the goal.

God help me, please.

I don’t want to be like this anymore, like for ever.

I want to be more than these. What must I do to get it? What lack I yet?

My Whirlpool Duet Sport Stopped Working and Gave Me an Error Code of F 01

I was a little impatient with a load of laundry today and canceled my Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer a little early so that I could get throw another load in and get to work, instead it decided to stop working and give me an error code of F 01 flashing on the little display. I didn’t have any time to figure it out until I got home tonight when I was supposed to be doing my homework, or at least sleeping! Anyways, searched on google and found a beautiful reference to the error code at from the user v111.  At first I couldn’t figure out what he was saying because his post was truncated and I had to read all the way to page four of the comments to find his whole process for fixing my broken washer:

Hi, After about year and half Whirlpool duet sport gave F01 error code. The technician manual is located under the lower front panel. There are three possible reasons for F0: 1) EEPROM ERROOR. Unplug a washer for two minutes. Try running it again. (Did not work for me). 2) MAIN RELAYS ERROR. The tech manual suggests replacing CCU. The following is what I did and it fixed the problem, however. Unplug the washer. Remove the top cover by removing the three screws on the back. The CCU unit is in the right bottom corner if standing in front of the washer – it has a lot of wiring. Plug in the unit. While listening to the CCU start any washing cycle. After pressing START you should hear the relay to click. If it clicks twice, within a less than a second, it has a problem. Unplug the washer. Without disconnecting any wires remove the CCU cage from the washer wall. Stand now on the right hand side of the washer in such way that the CCU cage is under your left hand. Pull the right upper corner of the CCU plastic cage (it has a tab) away from you, slide the cage to the right by about an inch, and pull the entire cage away from you. Now knock on the back side of the cage 4-5 times with a bit of force. Install the CCU cage back. Plug in the unit. Try some washing cycle again. If it did not help, repeat the procedure. If it did not work again, see the following. 3) PUMP DRIVE ERROR. The tech manual suggests replacing CCU.

I did have some problem removing the CCU because I was trying to remove the front plate instead of the whole unit like he suggests.  If you are seeing circuit board, you are removing the wrong thing.  The whole piece slides off moving away from you if you are facing the front of the washer, just release the clip and push until it releases.  I gave it a few hard knocks like v111 recommended and I am listening to my washer work as I type.  I am so thankful for the internet and for people like v111 who share their solutions with the world.  Thank you so much!!

Also Monty Oum is Back

I was tipped off that this had come out by a friend at work because this one totally snuck by my radar, he has a new movie out called RWBY hosted by RoosterTeeth. Worth a watch if you like amazing battles of awesomeness. For the unknowingness of who this guy is among us, look up Haloid if you can still find it, and Dead Fantasy. Epic!

My Little Pony FiM is Back!!

Season 3 just started, noticed it today, and it is beautiful, just beautiful, but not more beautiful than my dear wife. Oh how I needed a bit of sunshine today! It was about self-sacrifice, and how passing the test doesn’t always mean that I get to finish, if I help other people along. I think it was a good message, and I could definitely learn from it. Twilight Sparkle was in good form, she is so humble for a pony!

Just Add Rice

I am a believer, never count me a doubter, on the power of rice, even minute rice.

I have a small confession, I think I am clumsy or at least a little uncoordinated. I was getting ready for school last week, with the normal assortment of stuff in my pocket. I had to go to the bathroom and when I was done, I stood up and turned around and then ‘plop’ my 3ds had climbed out of my back pocket and decided to go swimming with the brown fishes. (Thank goodness it didn’t happen at work where the toilet would then decide to automatically flush!) With little thought I reached in to save my 3ds from drowning, not saying a word, whether out of shock or in deference to my sleeping wife I do not know. I wiped off what I could with a bit of toilet paper, not even opening it to see the damage. I set it on the ground and watched the little blue suspend light suddenly expire and then proceeded to panic when a thought pushed through, I had a big old box of minute rice, surely I could save my 3ds from death with that! With little hope, but not totally faithless, I submerged the 3ds into the box of rice and then went to school. Oh how I lamented my actions, which were more comical than tragic, for everyone I told the story to just seemed to smile. I promised to frame my 3ds if indeed I had just killed it off.

I ended up submerging the 3ds in rice three times, each time more thoroughly than the previous. The final was a total separation, game came out, back was removed, battery pulled out, layer of rice in a mixing bowl, all the parts in and a huge layer of rice on the top. Another day passes at least, I remove everything from the bowl and piece it all back together. I hit the power button with a little trepidation, but with my faith renewed. IT WORKS! I rejoice inside, and retire to my room to thank my God for his act of kindness to me. Oh how I am blessed!


I believe that the most important thing that I can do right now is to relax.  Things are not going to go well all the time.  Unexpected things are going to happen to me, and I can’t be bent out of shape because of them.  I must gather my courage and forge ahead.  Its time that I become a man, but also a leader of my own heart.


more or less, I need to begin again. I do not know all, nor do I know much, but what I do know is that I am not enough. I leave much to be desired on the grand scale of humanity, for achievement, for honor and justice, for life.

Perhaps, when the time is right, when I make the time right, I can overcome all that holds me down.

Perhaps, I really am good enough to do all that God would have me do by virtue of my existence.

Perhaps, as I separate myself from my past, I can once again see a bright future, like when I was on my mission.  I saw accomplishment at every turn, power to do all that was right, and a will to keep on going.

I do not wish to over romanticize my past, I was a raw ball of emotion, just as prone to rage as not.  If I have done one thing over the course of my 32 years, it is recognize that I have done very little to curb that rage, only that I recognize its presence.  It disgusts me, how can I love myself when I have such a gaping hole in my character.

God loves me and that is enough to convince me of my worth, I do not wish to sound despondent and hopeless, for there is light.  There is a God, he is my father, and he wishes me to return to him.  I know it, and I cannot deny it.  If I did deny it, I would be lying in the face of God, and only hellfire awaits those who deny the light when it is shining in their face.

Onward then, and become something greater, keep moving forward, do not dawdle.  There is very little time.

I’m Married!

Made the big step, and I’m more excited than ever. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and events, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I have a wife, she is so precious. I am so thankful that I did this with the most beautiful girl in the world, I love her so much.