Nintendo buys Xenosaga dev Monolith Soft

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Japanese development studio Monolith Soft has been purchased by Nintendo from Namco Bandai, according to a press release (PDF file) from credible Japanese news source Nikkei translated by gaming site The Platformers.

Our team of translators have discerned from the release that Nintendo now owns 80% of the company’s stock, while Namco Bandai still retain 16% of their original 96% holdings in the developer, whose total worth is approximately 75 million yen.

The studio, formed in 1999 by former Square employee Hirohide Sugiura, is responsible for the Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos series. The company is also reportedly developing Disaster: Day of Crisis, a Wii title that hasn’t been seen since its appearance at E3 2006.

We’ve contacted Nintendo further details. For the console maker, this gives them an experienced second party RPG developer. We’ll keep you updated as this story progresses.

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3 Responses to Nintendo buys Xenosaga dev Monolith Soft

  1. Sera says:

    Someday, I gotta finish II…and eventually get to III….

  2. talduras says:

    Can’t say I’m too surprised by the move, considering Monolith made Baten Kaitos, and yet I’m shocked.

    I’ve managed to avoid every one of their games so far, which wasn’t too hard to accomplish. Xenosaga says to me “overly excessive on the cutscenes, with some uncouth material,” while Baten Kaitos screams “boring.” I hope Day of Disaster turns out well. The premise seems interesting, if not just a tad far-fetched.

  3. talduras says:

    *sigh* I mean Disaster: Day of Crisis. I’m sure I’ll have a hard time getting that right down the road.

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