Some have noticed that some things changed when my web server switched over to its new home.  Particularly the absence of the entirety of the mini-sites hosted by me.  I promise to restore those that have been requested, particularly the oekaki, but that will require time as I seem to have misplaced the pristine copy given me by Mike a while back.  As for me, I am doing well, things have started to look up in certain endeavors and I forsee a little more activity on my website to be a consequence.  I am officially discontinuing the forum, PERMANENTLY, no offense to those who might have been browsing it still, but it is a part of me that must be cut off (severed,separated,disjoined) and appropriate action has been enacted.  I have thoughts on how to make this a more friendly site to those who actually stumble upon it (I am in google now BTW) but I also feel that this is primarily my site (I pay for it) which means that I must make it what it is or isn’t.  I have typically abandoned it in the past because of my apparent lack of attention, this has changed.  As I continue to try to define myself and my interests, I will put my progress here, perhaps one day there will be something useful to read, then again, there are a million other places to hang out, and all are free to exercise that ability.  So in the spirit of Lemony Snicket, I am sure this is the last place on earth you would ever want to browse around, please close this window as soon as possible as it might have adverse effects on your intelligence.

Good day.


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  1. Talduras says:

    Heh heh… has anyone noticed how that picture of Cloud looks a tad sleep deprived? 😛

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