Just Add Rice

I am a believer, never count me a doubter, on the power of rice, even minute rice.

I have a small confession, I think I am clumsy or at least a little uncoordinated. I was getting ready for school last week, with the normal assortment of stuff in my pocket. I had to go to the bathroom and when I was done, I stood up and turned around and then ‘plop’ my 3ds had climbed out of my back pocket and decided to go swimming with the brown fishes. (Thank goodness it didn’t happen at work where the toilet would then decide to automatically flush!) With little thought I reached in to save my 3ds from drowning, not saying a word, whether out of shock or in deference to my sleeping wife I do not know. I wiped off what I could with a bit of toilet paper, not even opening it to see the damage. I set it on the ground and watched the little blue suspend light suddenly expire and then proceeded to panic when a thought pushed through, I had a big old box of minute rice, surely I could save my 3ds from death with that! With little hope, but not totally faithless, I submerged the 3ds into the box of rice and then went to school. Oh how I lamented my actions, which were more comical than tragic, for everyone I told the story to just seemed to smile. I promised to frame my 3ds if indeed I had just killed it off.

I ended up submerging the 3ds in rice three times, each time more thoroughly than the previous. The final was a total separation, game came out, back was removed, battery pulled out, layer of rice in a mixing bowl, all the parts in and a huge layer of rice on the top. Another day passes at least, I remove everything from the bowl and piece it all back together. I hit the power button with a little trepidation, but with my faith renewed. IT WORKS! I rejoice inside, and retire to my room to thank my God for his act of kindness to me. Oh how I am blessed!

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